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Best Pillow Ever

The Right Pillow is Everything

It seems like I’ve constantly either been pregnant or postpartum for years now so my sleep means everything to me. If I have a great night’s sleep I can handle anything. If I do not get any sleep I am pretty useless the next day (and cranky!).
I also have TMJ from clenching my teeth at night which means sometimes I wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders. It’s pretty awful! What I have found is the right pillow can help SO much. I needed something that supported my neck and head equally, which was actually pretty hard to find!

I’m happy to report that I landed on a Juvea pillow which comes in high profile and low profile, organic cotton or a natural latex blend. I love this pillow because it provides long-lasting, responsive and consistent medium support for all types of sleepers including me. It’s also made in the USA.

Being pregnant I overheat often when I’m sleeping, especially in the summer, so I need a cooling pillow. This pillow has wonderful open-cell technology which enables enhanced air circulation for maximum breathability and temperature regulation. This makes for a nice, cool pillow all night long which is exactly what I need!
Whenever Adeline snuggles with me in bed she grabs the Juvea pillow and says she wants her “favorite mommy pillow” so now I am getting one for her too because she loves it as much as I do!

Now through 8/15/21 you can save 20% off your own low or high profile pillow with code

SHOPJUVEA4 show the collection here: https://juvea.com/collections/all
If you too have been on the lookout for a pillow that helps with consistent support and has a cooling effect this pillow is a great option. It comes vacuum sealed so the package is small and then the pillow expands with air when it is opened. Message me if you have any questions!

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