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Octonauts Above and Beyond

When it comes to television shows for kids I am pretty picky on what I let my kids watch. Octonauts is one of our favorites because I can trust the content and it’s educational. Even I learn new things about the animals they help rescue on land and sea. The language is appropriate and the songs are fun and catchy to keep their attention.
The newest season of Octonauts Above and Beyond on Netflix is now available and one of our favorite seasons yet. You can watch the first episode on YouTube here.

“Responding to a range of new dangers across our ever-changing planet, the Octonauts take their adventures beyond the sea and onto LAND! Enlisting their intrepid friends from around the globe as specialized Octo-Agents, and equipped with a new fleet of land-based Terra Gups, the Octonauts’ mission is as vital as ever: They will EXPLORE harsh and remote environments, RESCUE animals that need their help, and PROTECT the land and all living creatures!“ -Silvergate Media, 2021

To celebrate the new season I made an Octonauts sensory table for my littles to enjoy and recreate scenes from the show that they love.
Benefits of sensory play include development of language, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. It aids the child’s development in physical skills such as shaping, splashing, scooping, or molding that may require many different muscles to work together at once.

To create the sensory table used kinetic sand, aqua beads, small land and sea animals, Octonauts figures, and small trees, seaweed, and gems to get the party started.

The kids absolutely loved the sensory table and they even reenacted parts of the show which was great.

The sensory table is great for fine motor skills and imaginative play. Perfect for a rainy or cold day to keep the kids entertained, they can watch an episode of Octonauts and then play at the table.

There are also some fun Octonauts extras linked here including coloring pages, masks, hats and more. Enjoy!

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