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Dream Seeker Dolls for Little Fairy Lovers

My little girl is such a dreamer and it’s one of my favorite things about her. I want to encourage her to believe in herself and continue to have such an optimistic outlook on life. When I found the Dream Seekers Doll collection, I knew they would be wonderful for her. They are ragdoll designed dolls with fun fabrics and colors that any child would love to play with, but their inspirational messages for girls is what really got me hooked.
The Dream Seekers line from Moose Toys consists of fairy dolls that inspire little girls to follow their dreams. Each doll comes with a little card to write down their dreams and the precious things they come up with are just too cute. Adeline wrote down “I dream to be a nurse,” which just melted my heart!

There is a cute doll for every girl in the collection. Hope is all about positivity and has holographic wings and a rainbow skirt. Bella is an animal lover and has glitter wings and a pom pom skirt to match the whimsical pom poms in her hair. Luna is a dancer and has feathery wings and a changeable skirt making her the most angelic Dream Seeker. Stella has sweet super powers that inspire confidence. She has pink and purple hair with a rainbow dress and light up wings for some extra magic. When you squeeze Stella’s hand, her wings will glow different colors. Rainbow color indicates positivity, pink (indicates caring), yellow (indicates happiness), purple (indicates courage) and blue (means calmness).
Adeline enjoys playing with her Dream Seekers so much I plan on giving these as birthday presents to all the little parties she gets invited to over the year. They make such a magical and inspirational gift for little girls.

Adeline is 5 and these are perfect for her age group, I would not recommend them for children 3 or younger because of the tiny hair clip pieces.
This post is sponsored by Moose Toys.

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