Backyard Tea Parties

I am so grateful to have my one beautiful daughter so when it is our special one on one time we like to do some extra precious things together and create magical memories.
Tea Time is one of my favorite moments with my little girl. When it’s nice out, we’ll put on dresses, set up a beautiful table in the backyard, and have a tea party just Adeline and me.

I get out the wedding china tea cups (it’s the only time I ever use them, so why not?) throw some fresh flowers on the tablecloth, and make a big teapot of chocolate milk (her favorite).

For dessert, Adeline loves her Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies with a teacup full of chocolate milk. We get regular chocolate chip and double chocolate chip. They are smartly sweetened with coconut sugar, a natural unrefined sweetener, and made with plant-powered, nutrient-dense ingredients, including almond flour and coconut oil. You can grab a box (or two) at Target. Tea for two, please! Click here to shop!

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