Impromptu Dessert in 12 Seconds or Less!

#AD When the warm weather comes so so many impromptu guests at our house. We live on a lake so lots of friends and family stop by for a swim. As they work up their appetite in the water I have learned to keep things in my freezer for such occasions.
Edwards Desserts make these cheesecake and pies that are really wonderful. They are as good as your moms but a lot easier to make! They come frozen and stay in the freezer until a few minutes before you serve them. You might have to invest in a cute plate to put them on as it makes it all the more charming when it comes out. Sometimes we pull a pie out when someone loses a tooth, hits a home run, or gets a perfect math score, anything that calls for an Edwards! #ThisCallsForEdwards #Cheesecake

Link to product: bit.ly/3zGtMSW

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