Killian’s PJ Masks Party

Killian absolutely loves PJ Masks so of course, we had to have a little party for his birthday. Gecko is his favorite character so when Walmart had a costume in his size the rest fell into place.
Having 2 boys and 1 girl makes it super easy to form the cast of PJ Masks so Tripp and Adeline dressed up as Owlette and Catboy. Killian’s day was made! He could not have had more fun playing with his brother and sister all dressed up in the Walmart costumes.

We also picked up plates, cups, decorations, and some toys to make the celebration super festive. Walmart has so many themed options for a PJ Masks party it made everything easy and fun.
We also got the V-Tech PJ Mask watches which were a huge hit. It’s every little kid’s dream to talk into a crime-fighting watch!

There was also a PJ Masks flashlight at Walmart that shines the logo just like in the show. A PJ Masks learn to read tablet, die-cast cars, and a race track. All so fun for any little PJ Masks fan.

Treat your little one with a PJ Masks party with all the trimmings, you can get everything at Walmart for great prices.

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