Kids Toys

It’s a Kindi Kid’s Party!

Ever since Adeline was little she has loved the Kindi Kids Doll Line and she still does now that she is 6. With 3 brothers it’s great for her to sit down and get in touch with her sweet feminine side. We love supporting the family run business of Moose Toys and their cutesy doll line.

This Fall Kindi Kids is introducing some amazing new dolls! There are the new Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Dolls that come with a cute Shopkin sponge so girls can magically reveal their face paint! Simply use ice-cold water to see your Kindi Kids beautiful painted design.

These Dress Up Magic Dolls wear adorable dress up clothes and have matching hair clips and shoes. Their clothing and shoes are changeable for extra fun play! They also have big glittery eyes and come to life with fun movements as kids pick them up and play! The Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Face Paint Reveal Dolls are $19.88 and available at Walmart.

There is also the new Dress Up Magic Baby Sisters who love to play dress up and have a magical face paint reveal! Adeline just loves partying with these cute collectible dolls! Every Dress Up Magic Baby Sister even comes with a cute Shopkin sponge so girls can magically reveal their Kindi Kid’s face paint just like their big sisters. Each Dress Up Magic Baby wears an adorable party costume and has a matching pacifier that can detach from their mouth. Their clothing and diaper can be easily removed for more fun play. The Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Face Paint Reveal Baby Sister Dolls are $14.88 and also available at Walmart.

For all the pet lovers out there, we have Kindi Kids Party Pets that are little pets with magical movement! There are three adorable little pets to collect – Tropical Koala, Cupcake Puppy, and

Marshmallow Kitten. Each pet has a theme matching a different Kindi Kid and their Baby Sister.

Kindi Kids Party Pets are $9.99 and available at Walmart.

Of course no party is complete without a Unicorn, the Kindi Kids Secret Saddle Unicorn to be exact. Kids can turn this special Unicorn’s horn to open her Secret Saddle and discover hair accessories and more inside! This super cute toy has a beautiful rainbow cotton-candy like mane and tail. You can use her brush to comb and style her mane and tail and attach her hair clip and bow to style her more. And the best about her is that she is the perfect size for your

Kindi Kids toddler Dolls to ride on. You just place them on Rainbow Star’s winged saddle! The Kindi Kids Secret Saddle Unicorn is $29.99 and is available at Walmart.

I can’t wait to hear about which of the new Kindi Kids dolls and toys your kiddo loves most!