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Magic Mixies Crystal Ball – The New Hot Holiday Toy

 This holiday season every little girl is sure to want one very special toy. The new Magic Mixies Crystal Ball will definitely delight any young child who is enchanted by a little smoke and mirrors magic!

Adeline at the Magic Mixies Launch Party at CAMP NYC

If your kiddo enjoyed the Magic Mixies Cauldron, this Crystal Ball is next level fun! The aesthetic of the colorful smoke filling ball is a wonderful delight to little eyes. Moms love it too, haha!

Over 10 minutes of spells must be completed to enjoy your magical friend that talks and responds to the wand. And that just means every step of this toy’s directions is filled with magic!

My daughter loves that there is so much more to this toy than meets the eye and she can do even more with it than the Magic Mixie Cauldron which she also adores!

In order to meet your magical new friend you have to do fortune spells, singing spells, and more! The smoke circle dispenses through the spells, really flowing at more times than others giving a realistic effect that seems like magic is in the making.

Also, you can use the Crystal Ball over and over again. The mystical smoke will actually come more times than just that first use. And you can also use the crystal ball as a beautiful night light which is a mode option on the back. 

Your Magic Mixie friend also comes alive with the use of the wand. Gems on its forehead light up and blink, it talks, and even sings with glee! It’s super cute and my daughter immediately started taking it everywhere.

The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball is surely going to be a hot item this holiday season and it is set to release October 1st at all the major retailers! So, mark the date on your calendar. You aren’t going to want to miss this one!

Trust me, this is going to be a hot holiday toy. We had the chance to attend an event at the CAMP store to preview it and everyone who attended couldn’t get enough of this toy!

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