New Year Goals 2017

As a working Mom of 2, it can be hard to find personal goals and the time to stick to them. This year I am putting my foot down and finding the time for M E. My new years resolutions are as follows and I would love to hear what other Momma's out there are making as their goals.

1) Love my body

After 2 babies in 21 months, I don't have the body I had in college (or the drinking capacity) but I need for my family to find the love for my new one.

2) Live in the moment

So many times I find myself trying to photograph the memory of the moment instead of living in it, I am going to try to do that less and settle for 1 photo instead of 100. The memories get even better once I put the phone D O W N.

3)Be grateful for each day

So many days I get wrapped up in the little things that I forget I have everything I could ask for and more. This year I will show gratitude and know how B L E S S E D I really am every day.

4)Let them be little

These days are precious, I know this. I want to soak up every single second and I intend to. I'm going to let them eat with their hands and play play-doh on the dinning room table. I promise to let my hair down and dance like crazy in the living room with them and I want to remember that little baby smell for the rest of my life. These moments are fleeting and I refuse to let them slip through my fingers.

Here's to 2017!