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For my first blog post, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about myself. My name is Katey Stanley, I have 2 beautiful children, Tripp (2) and Adeline (6 months). My husband Jamie is an engineer. He's kind of like a hot, socially aware, Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory." At least when he starts talking about physics that is my opinion. We grew up in the same town and were friends in high school, then started dating in college. Here is our most recent family photo...

We live in New Jersey and every January I ask myself W H Y??? When beautiful warm states like California, Georgia, and South Caroline exist. The answer is F A M I L Y. Most of ours is here and if you have kids you already know how helpful they can be. They are our village that help us raise this little wolf pack of ours. So, this is why we bear the 12 degree weather like we have today.

I am 29, T W E N T Y N I N E years old (right now). I plan on leaving my twenties kicking and screaming, so stay tuned.. June and July should have some fun posts. Turning T H I R T Y is big in my mind, I feel like your childhood is done. Like done done. I know age is a number but I'm pretty sure no one is like "I can't wait to turn thirty."

I have an obsession with cotton candy, some days I want to quit my desk job and just make fluff for a living. But then I think of my spending habits and the price of education and things like new toilets and I realize I can't live off a profit margin of 50 cents per tub of "candy floss" that took probably an hour to make. But alas, I still have my obsession, so I buy it literally everywhere I can, and support the hardworking cotton candy artists of America with sugary armpits and low profit margins. No the fluff in the metallic bag you can get at the store is not quite what I am obsessed with. More like this...

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