23andMe DNA Health & Ancestry Analysis

So this might be the coolest thing anyone could possibly do with their spit!

My husband and I recently tried 23andme.com and opted for the Ancestry and the Health results. Originally we were just going to do the ancestry but decided to upgrade our results with the click of a button. (They make it so easy!)

The kit came in this little box pictured above, and you spit in a small vessel (a lot of spit) and send it back. The results came about 3 weeks later (faster than expected) and the user experience of the site was really easy even though there are lots of different reports to view. What we found out was so awesome!

First, I will share our ancestry reports. Growing up in New Jersey, and America in general, we basically had a sense of where our ancestors came from but we didn't really know the whole story. This analysis uncovers so many awesome secrets we never knew about the blood that came before us!

My great grandparents were both from Italy on my mother's side, so naturally I thought I was Italian. My father is such a mix of German, Irish, and unknown so this helped explain a lot! Here are my ancestry results below:

As suspected I was 36.2% straight up Italian. (I do love my carbs!) However, I thought I would be more German on my father's side! It's so fun to see what you actually are. You can also see your Neanderthal DNA and your maternal heliogroups that you can connect with online (find some long lost cousins).

Now, here are my husband's results. He thought he was much more Italian being that is mother's maiden name is Donato, as it turns out he;s mostly British and Irish. However, our name is S T A N L E Y so maybe that isn't so surprising.

After we were so thrilled with our Ancestry results, we opted to see our health results for an additional $125 well spent. Even though my husband was apprehensive to view them, we couldn't let the knowledge go uncovered and I am so happy we dint. Turns out, we are not carriers of any of the 41 conditions they check for, so good news for us and our little babes. It also tells you about your hair, eyes, and skin, your likelihood to sneeze while looking at the sun and so much more.

Here is what I found most interesting:

I KNEW |IT! I had suspected I was lactose intolerant but this was so helpful to confirm! I was just not normal any time I had cows milk or even ICE CREAM! (So sad, but there's Lactaid right?)

Now here's the pot of gold. I have been struggling with diets for so many years. Not knowing what works for my body, etc. I am having a hard time losing my baby weight, 6 months later and I'm still not where I thought I would be by now. THIS IS WHY: I was eating a Paleo diet and not losing as much as my friends on similar diet and exercise plans and anyone who has gone Paleo you know that SATURATED FAT is basically all up in that diet which as it turns out actually packs the pounds on me. (I am having a lot of meat remorse now) So NOW I will be avoiding those animal fats and dairy and hopefully seeing some results. Basically this just saved me even more years of trying to figure out my diet needs on my own with trial and error. Here's the kicker, as you can see below, my husband does NOT have to worry about what he eats (never has) eat at all the bacon he wants and his weight will remain the same (and it has as long as I have known him).

The last cool highlight I would like to mention is that we both have the sprinter gene. Which makes sense because we were both great athletes (toot toot) in high school, and my husband ran track in college at Rutgers. So it totally explains why my 2 year old can out run his grandparents!

Overall, this experiment was so cool and I urge everyone to try it out HERE