Walking with Baby

Over the past few years of being a new mother that strives to give her children a healthy dose of nature, I have realized how important it is to take baby for a W A L K.

Just when everything is about to explode I tuck them in the stroller and go for a walk somewhere beautiful.  After just minutes my mind is at ease and so is theirs.  We quickly find ourselves looking at flowers and willowing trees, our anxieties seem to float away with the pollen. The smell of the fresh air and the grass on my feet make me feel like a timeless mother from any century.  It makes me feel connected to all the mothers from all time periods and that feeling is not lost on me.

Sometimes I want to cry just from feeling overwhelmed and my quick answer is a W A L K. Walks have saved me.  After we return from about an hour stroll I feel refreshed and the babes do too.  They are either fast asleep or their behavior is renewed for some good listening.  My favorite place to walk is the Willowood Arboretum in Peapack, NJ.  For a list of more places to stroll you can check out the Baby Jogger Guide here at www.babyjogger.com

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