Bermuda has instantly become one of our most beloved places on the planet.  The crystal clear turquoise water, pink sand, and rum swizzles are surely going to make anyone's problems melt away.  Only a 90 minute flight (passport needed) from NYC we can usually get there faster than driving down to Jersey Shore or out to Montauk.   

As a Fairmont Visa card owner we usually stay at the Fairmont Southampton which is super family friendly and has a private beach next to the famous Horseshoe Bay, or the Fairmont Hamilton Princess which has been recently updated with an infinity pool that over looks the marina where the yachts come in and out.  It Is also home to the delicious Marcus restaurant and 1609 bar which has a hoppin' party every Friday night.

My favorite part about staying at the Fairmont hotels is that kids eat F R E E and momma really likes that :) They eat so well and it's all included so I never have to worry about what they are going to eat.  

As always the case when traveling with babies sometime eating at a restaurant just isn't going to work so we would often get our dinner to go from Jasmine at the Southampton and take it down to the beach and eat on the water.  It is usually the perfect solution and ends up being my husband and I eating and looking at the water while my son build a sand castle between bites of chicken, it's perfect!

So for must see things, there is Horseshoe Bay which has pink sand and caves which are awesome! If you can catch it on a day with no cruise ships in town, you might just have a little cove all to yourself.

If you catch a rainy day there you can visit the crystal caves by taxi or the acquarium 

which is $10 at worth it!  

If you're traveling with babies, a nice light stroller is absolutely necessary. We have 2 tots so we definitely needed a travel double stroller that didn't break the bank.  We found this amazing ZOE double that only weighs 16lbs and rides so nice, I totally reccomend!

Www.zoestrollers.com XL2 Delixe $249.99

My last tip is when you land totally buy a handle of Goslings rum for dark and stormiest, Bermudas signature drink as well as the Rum Swizzle.  Ginger beer is sold everywhere and that's all you need plus a lime wedge, and some fresh nutmeg if you have it.  It will save you over $100 in drinks 🍹 making one every time you leave the room! 👍🏻