TRIPP'S 3rd Birthday

Every mom knows when their baby turns another year older, it's one more year gone by and another year closer to them leaving the nest.  Time flies so fast, having children has really taught me to cherish every second of life. So, around here we like to make a big celebration out of birthdays and Tripp turning 3 was no exception.

For his birthday, we went pumpkin picking at Middle Valley Farms in New Jersey.  It's a great undiscovered farm that is not crowded at all and is family run. We love it! We had a private hayride which Tripp thoroughly enjoyed with his cousin. They are so cute together! 

The pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and colors and range from $4-$12 which are great prices!  When we got home we arranged them on our adorable Land of Nod street cart $249 found here .  

For his big gift, we got him a Cinemood projector $399 available here for his rest time now that he's coming off daily naps.  I love that it comes with kids content preloaded so I don't have to worry about him landing on something inappropriate. It's also way more ergonomic for his neck than the ipad and does not need wifi to work so we can use it anywhere.  It really was the perfect choice for him! He cuddles up in his teepee and chills while he watches one of their thousands of videos. 

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