The Hair Savior

My hair is one of my favorite assets.  I can use it to hide behind, cover my post partum baby fat, play peek-a-boo, and so much more... so naturally I want it to be as silky as it can be!  Lately I've been having trouble keeping things smooth being that my Summer highlights have sucked all the moisture out.  Thus I've been on the search for something to restore my mane rather than cut it all off. {I once cut my hair off like a Dixie chick in eighth grade and I still get nightmares of those painful 12 months after!!) 

Then I found MOROCCANOIL!  It has literally saved my hair! I have been struggling with such dry, damaged, and color treated hair that I have been looking for something restorative to help my hair look more alive. I have tried the entire MOROCCAN OIL line and I am so surprised at how amazing it leaves my hair feeling! The shampoo and conditioner is beyond salon quality, I love the way it smells too.

Shampoo $25

Conditioner $26

In try to do the restorative hair mask $55 every 3 days. It has a way of really restoring moisture back into my hair and it makes it so silky to brush afterwords.  

My hair is long so knots are forever in my hair.  I use this treatment $44 when my hair is damp right before I brush it and it makes my hair so silky that my brush has such an easier time going through my hair.

I don't always straighten my hair but the mending infusion $44 is amazing for finishing straight hair. It gives it that look that you have zero broken strands.  Be careful this product can be addicting!  Although I love straight hair I don't love the heat on it so definitely spritz some perfect defense $35 on before blowing dry for some protection.

I love these products and am so so happy I finally found them!