My husband recently had a conference in Orlando so we decided to make the trip into a Disneyworld vacation! Before we left I tried to make us as prepared as possible. I ordered ponchos off amazon for a little over $1 a piece, they are $15 in Disneyworld. I bought the cutest H&M Disney tops for the kids and packed our snackle box:)

As soon as we landed in Orlando both kids began to start coughing and came down with an awful viruses. We ended up taking Adeline to the Medimerge for a Z-pack. It was really helpful to find one down there and have her seen by a doctor. We went to the on in Kissimmee, FL and it was pretty great if you have a scheduled appointment. The walk ins looked like they were waiting a very long time.

We were able to go to the parks after 4 days in the hotel getting better, so we made the best of the time we did have!

Adeline’s dress: H&M $17.99

It was the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot and it was so gorgeous! They also had a ton of specialty food and drinks. Below is my lavender lemonade found at the pineapple hut. It was the best drink I’ve had! It is alcohol free.

Adeline’s Outfit Above: Beaufort Bonnet Company Susi Swing Set $58

This was an adorable honey garden, they also served honey wine!

Another adorable strawberry milkshake Minnie drink in Magic Kingdom.

My husband carried the babies everywhere, thank heavens for him because I could not!

Bringing a backpack is so key when going to the parks. This gorgeous leather one is the MyArka Leather London Bag $289 and it holds so much! I packed in my bag: hand sanitizer, all the diaper essentials, water bottles, pouches with green veggies (because unfortunately healthy food isn’t that easy to find for tots), those Amazon ponchos, a change of clothes for both of them, sandwiches we made at the hotel (again the healthy food isn’t crazy easy to find for picky tots.) The bag fits so much and is really pretty, I got a ton of complements.

We stayed at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Spa, mainly because that’s where hubbys conference was but it turned out to be the best spot for the kids. The water park was so tot friendly and everything from the food to the service was great. There’s an arcade, indoor gardens with an aquarium and baby alligators. We moved to the Swan on Disneyworld later in the week and we’re missing our room at the Gaylord. The shuttles were convenient but the amenities at the Swan were very much lacking and the rooms were outdated and cramped.

Our cover ups: The Beaufort Bonnet Company now on sale Tabby Tunic $40

Flying Tips for Toddlers:

-The dollar spot at Target is your best friend for packing a fun filled backpack. Our personal favorite includes window clings!

-You will most likely need to rent a car wherever you are going because Uber's do not carry car seats on them. You have to pre-order an Uber with car seats and we have found that almost none of those can be found! Plus, our Medimerge exampe, you just never know what you'll need to go get or do with tots.

-The Snackle Box is our Holy Grail for flying. Everyone is always happy and calm whenever the box comes out for an appearance.