What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

Packing my hospital bag for my third baby came a lot easier to me this time around. My first baby, I had no idea what I needed and he came two weeks early in the middle of the night, so needless to say I was unprepared. Then, with my second baby, she came seven days early and so fast my husband didn’t even have time to park the car before she was here, and again I was unprepared. So this time, I planned on being prepared and packed my bag three weeks in advance. I really knew what I needed during these three days spent at the hospital and made packing an event. It actually felt like I was leaving for a vacation being that I was going to have two nights away from the other two babes and was able to take my time packing.

First, it's all about the actual bag. You don't wan to be rolling your suitcase down the hospital halls when you're leaving in a wheel chair. I went for a really awesome Marleylilly weekender that I could fit everything in and swing over my shoulder or hang on the wheelchair when you transport your things from room to room. This Seersucker Weekender is from Marleylilly and retails for $98. I opted to have it monogrammed and really love it. It's so large I am pretty sure I could pack all three of my kids in it. It's amazing!

Here is the list I have compiled of all the things I packed in my bag. The hospital usually provides all the pain medication, diapers, pads, and anything medical so I opted not to pack any of those things. In fact, I usually fill my bag of all those goodies in the hospital so be sure to leave some room.

Swaddles- My favorite are Aden and Anais, but there are also other amazing brands like Little Unicorn and Clementine Kids. I like to bring my own so that #1 I know it's my baby when the nurses whisk it away and bring it back for baths and etc. I also like to line the hospital bassinet with one, just to make things a bit more homey for my little one.

Cuddle and Kind Doll- I love to give the baby a gift of one of these soft dolls for them to have the rest of their lives that they received the day they were born. Each purchase of a doll also donates 10 meals to a child in need, so it is a gift that gives back which I love.

Hospital Robe and Nursing Gown- I love to wear a matching hospital robe and nursing gown after delivery. It's really easy to breastfeed from and super comfortable. It's made for this event so stains come out easily and a momma needs everything she can get to feel beautiful while healing. I get mind from Baby Be Mine Maternity. They have beautiful prints as well as matching baby outfits too.

Toiletries- My hospital only provides baby shampoo so be sure to pack your own shampoo, conditioner, razor etc. The first shower after you have your baby is a right of passage so be sure to throw in something special for yourself like new shower cream to make it all the more delicious.

Going Home Outfit- Pack the most beautiful newborn outfit you have for the baby to come home in. It's like the baby's big debut into the world leaving the hospital. I love everything from www.theroyalrabbit.com it also happens to be my Aunt Suzanne's shop! She can monogram anything and everything, does custom orders, and will even deliver to the hospital if you're in North Jersey.

Newborn Clothes- The first time and second time I had my babies I forgot to bring them clothes so they just used what the hospital had and were swaddled. This time I remembered to pack some onesies and clothes so baby could stay fashionable warm. All again were from The Royal Rabbit.

Nursing Bra- This is so helpful as you immediately start to breastfeed your baby after their born. Be sure to get comfy ones, I am wearing a Playtex one at the moment and I love it.

Lansinoh- This nipple cream is amazing if you're breastfeeding. Apply it after every feeding to prevent cracking and painful nips. It totally works!

Slippers- Walking around the hospital can get gross, so I bring slippers that I plan to throw out after I leave.

iPad- Labor can be long so bring something to entertain yourself. My husband and I usually play Words With Friends while we wait for baby. We also watched "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Video, so good!

Snacks- Mainly for your husband! The hospital will cater to you and your needs but they will let him starve, so be a doll and pack some of his favorites. After all, he's sleeping in a chair.