Holiday Gift Guide for Ages 3 & 4

Before I had kids I never knew what to give children as gifts. Do you go by the ages on the box? Do you just ask the parents what to give them? So after having a few of my own, I am sharing the knowledge for those looking for a gift for a little one.

1) Instax Camera & Film

First, this is my favorite gift for this age. I have my son his first Instax Camera when he was 3 and now that he’s 4, he is such a little profound photographer. I bought his camera on the Mercari app used and that’s also where I get the film pretty cheap. I will give him a pack of film for a special event and he enjoys capturing all the moments from this own perspective. He keeps them in a little Instax photobook I got off eBay for $7.

2) Jojo Maman Bebe Wooden Toys

I am so in love with these little wood toys. Pretend play is so important at this age and these adorable toys help encourage that. The Christmas Donner, Tiered Cake, and Picnic Set are some of my absolute favorites!

3) Lakeshore Learning Play & Explore Rocket

Space is such a fun subject to explore at this age. Filled with mystery that you can see in the sky, this rocket helps little ones pretend to be astronauts and what it’s like to live in a rocket. The kitchen inside is my favorite part, so so cute. It’s a great gift to pair with a book about space or astronauts.

4) Lakeshore Learning Cosmic Space Projector

This gift is really awesome and simple. It has disks that project the planets, moon and stars. I’m always encouraging a Gift that comes with a cuddle. It’s great for lying in bed and gazing at the stars on the ceiling. My son now knows all the planets, galaxies, and other crazy impressive astronomy terms because of this projector!

5) Lakeshore Learning Magnetic Block Set & WndrOne Light Table

This gift is a the most expensive on my list but definitely one of the most useful. The light table is a perfect place to develop fine motor skills and keep kids interested in learning. The magnetic blocks glow on the table and challenge kids to use their imagination and problem solving skills to build fun shapes.

6) Cuddle & Kind Handmade Dolls

These dolls are my absolute favorite, they are sweet and beautifully handmade. They are also a gift that gives back, each doll purchased gives 10 meals to a hungry child. They have just introduced 2 new dolls, Penelope the flamingo and Violet the fawn. They have a dozen of doll options for every gender and personality to match the child you’re shopping for. They really make huge best gift, available in small and large sizes.

7) Activity Kits

This is a really affordable gift option and I love making them for kids. This is a concept of gathering supplies for a fun activity for the kids to do. Sometimes I’ll take a clear storage bin, fill it with colorful beans, small scoopers and all sorts of little toys. Then there you have a sensory box gift, hours and hours of fun!

Another option is gathering all the ingredients for a fun recipe. I just gifted my niece a gingerbread kit, sometimes the ingredients are obscure so a kit makes it easy for parents. I added the molasses, ginger root, ground cloves etc and paired them with a cute kids rolling pin, cookie cutters etc. It’s very simple and easy to put together but might be an Olympic event for parents to get together, so it’s a great gift for everyone!

8) A Safe & Easy to Use Dustbuster 😂

My son was obsessed with cleaning at a very young age, so we went with it. For his 3rd birthday we gave him a Dustbuster and it was a hit! If this isn’t for your kid, ask the parents first. It has been the best gift because whenever there is a big Cheerio spill, leaves from shoes, or spilled salt he’s on the cleanup crew and it’s so amazing for me to have a little helper! It teaches him dexterity, responsibility and helpfulness. Win. Win. Win.