Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

Last weekend NJ Mom invited us to the Pine Ridge Dude Ranch in the Catskills to check it out. Upon arriving we didn't know what to expect being that we had never been to a dude ranch before. It was located about 40 minutes passed the Woodbury Commons taking 87 so the drive was pretty quick.

We were pleasantly surprised when we pulled in with the vast acreage of the property and the friendly staff that greeted us in the lobby.Immediately the children ran to get their faces painted in the atrium free of charge at the all-inclusive resort. All-Inclusive meaning for all activities and food are included especially horseback riding and apple picking. Plenty more activities are all included with the cost of your stay as well. The only item not included is alcohol, but there are $2 beers available at dinner which were a great deal!

On our first day there we woke up and had a beautifully set-up buffet breakfast in the Roundup Corral. Our waiter took care of us kindly. Breakfast included oatmeal, fresh fruit, pancakes, sausage, eggs, biscuits, bacon, cereal, yogurts and everything that would be considered a country fixin’. It was such a treat!

We started out the day on a tractor ride to see the grounds and then headed to the Wightman Fruit Farm up the street to pick apples. At home we live close to apple picking farm, but it can get very crowded this time of year so we completely avoid it. So, we were amazed that we had this apple orchard to ourselves. There were over 200 different kinds of apples for us to pick and taste. Each variety name was tied to a ribbon on a branch of each tree to let you know which Apple you were tasting. This activity was absolute magic for our family. We had a wonderful time and hope to visit every year now.

When we returned to the resort down the street, we had lunch which was a huge buffet of Italian food. It was delicious and gave us our energy for our next activities of horseback riding and archery. The horses were gentle and kind. With the Fall colored mountains in the background it was an activity that seemed to be out of a Hallmark movie. The archery was super fun and we all took turns taking a lesson, even the kids. I was able to hit the bulls-eye on my third try Because the archery teacher really knows what she's doing!

Next we walked over to the goat stable. This was so adorable because you go inside the gate and play with the baby goats instead of feed them from over a fence. It was really magical for the kids.

It was here that the kids heard that there was something called a bouncy pillow so we were destined to find it. In our journey to locate this bouncy pillow we found a beautiful wooden playground. It was awesome with a full wooden train for the kids to play on, a giant wooden ship, and an old time wooden airplane. It was like experiencing a vintage playground that was perfectly well kept. Killian enjoyed watching his big brother and big sister play from the swings. We grabbed some beers and watched them have some good old-fashioned fun.

When we finally reached bouncy pillow, we all took our shoes off and joined in in the bouncing. It’s literally a giant air filled pillow that you can really get some air on. We jumped and hysterically giggled, it was so much fun. The only way we could convince the kids to get off was to have Tripp try the rock wall. At five years old, this kid climbs to the top, rings the bell and belays down in two and a half minutes. It was crazy to watch and we would have never seen him do it unless we went there!