Tripp’s LEGO 5th Birthday

Our first baby is growing up as fast as lightening and is 5! I really can’t believe it, so like any parent who is obsessed with their baby I wanted to give him a birthday party he wouldn’t forget. Tripp is so into LEGO so that was a no brained, he would have a LEGO themed party!

How grown up does he look? I can't take it. Is there any way to slow your children down from growing up??? Please help!

The actual party was by a sports complex by our house, so we made everything we brought there LEGO themed. LEGO sent us these adorable water bottles and mini figure sets as the favors. They were such a hit!

I ordered the tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and building block lollipops from here, and when I went to the Dollar Tree to get red yellow and blue balloons they happened to have 'Happy Birthday' building brick balloons! I was so stoked and of course they were only $1, so I picked up a dozen and used them on the tables.

For the cake, it was just plain vanilla frosting and I stuck on the chocolate LEGO bricks I had made at home the day before. I used red, blue, yellow, and green chocolate melts and a candy mold from here. In addition to the adorable LEGO party, he had a blast and an amazing 5th birthday!