The Disney Content Creators Celebration at Disneyworld & Aboard the Disney Dream

This year, we were invited to the Disney Content Creators celebration where 200 influencers got to experience Disney at its finest with a 3 night stay at the Riviera Hotel and then 3 nights aboard the Disney Dream to the Bahamas.

Wow, our minds were blown it was such an amazing experience. Everything we experienced was top notch. The rooms at the Riviera Resort were European style, super clean and brand new. The pool was beautiful with tons of slides and attractions for the kids, the food especially unique and delicious. Plus, the Skyline is right outside the hotel doors bringing you via gondola to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Our trip was sensational, I was worried about the double stroller rule and having 3 kids but it turns out our City Mini GT Double met the requirements so we were able to take it in all the parks and it was so unbelievably helpful. The first night, we ate our way around the world in Epcot and met every princess.

Adeline went on Frozen three times in a row and I am pretty sure she is still smiling. Killian loved all the colorful lights (and treats) and he also LOVED the Frozen ride and he was only 16 months old.

The next day we spent the morning in Animal Kingdom having breakfast in Pandora and riding the awesome Safari. Where else can you see all the exotic animals in their own homes and not behind cages. It's a real treat and the kids love it.

We typically take a break in the middle of the day to let the kids rest and re-energize for the afternoon and night. If you try to start your day in the morning and plan to end it at bedtime with toddlers you are going to set yourself up for a lot of stress and meltdowns.

This is the view from our room at the Riviera

At night we went to Hollywood Studios and got to experience a private party on Batuu which was EPIC. We went on flew the Millennium Falcon which I am still recovering from because it felt so real. I could not tell my brain that it wasn't real!

Tripp and Jamie also went on The Rise of Skywalker and it was something they both will remember forever, it's a must see. All the restaurants are Star Wars themed as well as the stores. It's so incredible and if you are a Star Wars fan it's all going to give you such a thrill. Tripp said over and over "This is the best day of my life," and both Jamie and I were just reeling.

The next day we boarded the Disney Dream which was a lot bigger than I had anticipated. It wasn't the size of a floating hotel, it was the size of 5 floating hotels! 13 stories high and wow just so long.

Our room was spacious and had a hideaway bed that turned into a sofa as well as a balcony. The breakfast every morning resembled something served for royalty. Beautiful delicious food everywhere.

The amenities for the children were dynamite. Every night there was a Broadway show in the ship's theater, their rendition of Beauty and the Beast was better than what we had seen on Broadway. The costumes alone too my breath away! There is a waterpark, mini golf, a slide that is a clear tube going around the whole ship. A kids corner where you can drop them off had a life size R2D2, and just so many things they had only seen in their dreams.

This photo is from Pirate Night on the boat which was so fun. Basically, everyone dresses as a pirate and there is a huge party with music and Mickey Mouse on the top deck!

The dinner every night were out of this world, you are assigned a different restaurant every night but have the same waiter who gets to know your preferences. The selections are amazing and unlimited. It really was a dream.

Castaway Cay, Disney's private island was one of our destinations and man was it beautiful. Imagine a beautiful tropical island that is all Disney themed. Also, there is free soft serve everywhere with all sorts of flavors including pineapple!

If we were ever going to do a vacation at Disney again we would definitely make it a land and sea event. Jamie keeps talking about how it was the best vacation we have ever had.