Because Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Because nothing ever goes as planned! This post is sponsored by Poise®, but all opinions are my own.

As a mommy of three, I always have to be prepared with extra snacks, wipes, sanitizer, diapers, change of clothes, stain stick, crayons, and the list goes on. Rarely do I have anything in my diaper backpack for me but I do manage to stock a few important things; concealer and mascara for tired eyes, a bottle of water, and Poise® Ultra Thins.

Poise Ultra Thins are 50% thinner and 10% more absorbent than other brands. I don’t even notice when I am wearing one.

I also tend to have the worst luck when it comes to unexpected events so it’s always better to be prepared for me. I have a history of being somewhere fancy and completely ruining my outfit but, with a little Poise, I can at least reduce the risk of ruining my dress. As moms, we shouldn't have to worry about or be embarrassed by a small bladder leak, it's totally normal and part of life!

You can find Poise Ultra Thins at your local Walmart or you can add them to your next Online Pickup & Delivery order because let's face it, no mom ever wants to go shopping with all her kids! Throw some in your diaper bag and you’ll be thanking me later!