Everything You Need to Know About Travelling to Bermuda

It’s been a long year and a half at home! Now that my husband and I are both vaccinated, we thought our family could try traveling somewhere close by. We chose Bermuda as it is one of our favorite places in the world and there is no quarantine requirement for individuals who are fully vaccinated or under 10 years old and test negative upon arrival. Those requirements fit our family and the flight is short only about 90 minutes from Newark or NYC, it made for an easy decision. We invited my parents as well for an extra set of hands and for some awesome memories with our kids.

In preparation to go, we had to make sure we all had our Passports in order as always for leaving the country. My son's passport had expired so we needed to make a last minute trip to the Passport Consulate in Connecticut to get it renewed. The appointment was extremely hard to get and can only be made within two weeks of your trip, just to make you sweat! The best time to find an appointment if you need one is on this site here and new appointments become available in the middle of the night, how convenient right?

Once we had all our passports in order we had to get our pre-flight COVID PCR tests within 3 days of arrival. PCR tests take about 48-72 hours to get your results back so make sure to get tested on the first day that you possibly can. Once you get your results you have to apply for Approval from the Bermudian Government here to come to the country. That application cannot be submitted the day you fly, you will get denied to be sure to get your application in the day before you leave. Approvals do not take long to get approved, ours took about an hour.

Lastly, before you leave you have to send screen shots of your COVID test results to your airline for check-in as well as print them out and bring them to the airport. We flew United which made things really easy to upload onto the App and approvals took about one hour. Keep reading I swear all this is worth it!

At the airport everything was pretty normal besides wearing masks. People looked happy the staff was helpful and reminded me of times pre-pandemic. Since everything was taken care of before we arrived at the airport with our applications and COVID tests, this routine was not very different. The flight went well as well, and with three children wearing masks a 90 minute flight was perfect timing. Enough time to snack and watch a movie.

Upon arrival at the Bermuda airport everything was very normal with the exception of a 30 second nasal swab on our way out. There was no line and it really didn't interrupt our day. Our results were emailed to us before dinner at our resort so we were allowed to go off the resort if we wanted to by then but we really didn't have

any interest in leaving at the time.

We stayed at the Pompano Beach Club in Southampton Parish, we selected this spot as it's right on the beach which makes it really easy for kids and beautiful views. The food was rated very high here and that's always a huge win for us. It definitely lived up to its expectations. One of our favorite things about this hotel is that it hosts a "Swizzle Party" every Monday at 6pm where complimentary appetizers and signature Bermudian Rum Swizzles are bottomless!

The Pompano, a family owned resort is also one of the only hotels on the island to have a kiddie pool which was the most beautiful kiddie pool I have ever seen. There is also a game room, complimentary fishing poles, water toys beautiful water sports to try. The concierge arranged for us to go on a 3-hour reef fishing trip, the hotel drove us to the marina and picked us up. This was definitely something that would have been really hard to arrange ourselves so we are so thankful they have this option. Port Royal Golf Course is next to the resort which was also a great option. They offered anniversary rates of $50 pp for tee times after 2pm.

On our 4th day in Bermuda we headed to Hamilton for our day 4 COVID test, which was fine because we always love to visit downtown Hamilton when we visit. You take your test at the post office which took all of 30 seconds, this test also doubled as our test results to fly home so we didn't have to worry about this. The kids did not have to get tested (6, 4, and 2), however they were offered complimentary tests to use for the flight home so we took the offer and then everyone was set for the return flight home. We were in the post office getting tested for all of three minutes and the results were emailed to us later that night which we took a screen shot of and submitted to the United app. Now everyone was set for the flight home three days before we left. After our tests we headed to the Hog Penny for lunch and took a ferry ride to the Dockyard afterword's which was beyond beautiful. The Dockyard Glass Company was especially memorable, hand blown Bermudian glass and the best Rum Cake on the island is totally worth the stop.

Our trip was amazing and filled with wonderful memories for our family that we will always cherish. The turquoise water, beautiful temperature and powder white sand were as reliable as always in Bermuda and I highly suggest this as a getaway for fully vaccinated people and children under 10. These are only temporary restrictions that can change at any time. After this trip Bermuda is still our favorite place to visit now more than ever!