RV Road Trip with Outdoorsy

The week after Christmas is typically a travel week for us, we usually go somewhere warm to stock up on Vitamin D to make it through the rest of Winter. With the pandemic in full force that didn't seem to be an option however mental health for us is also really important. If we were going to travel it would have to be super safe and socially distanced the entire time. If we travelled in a way we had everything with us at all times and never had to stop except to take a walk in a National Park then we could do it. Thus, we landed on the idea of a RV road trip with Outdoorsy.

We booked our RV through the Outdoorsy App, and it was super easy to set up. Before our rental we prepared by shopping for everything we would need on the RV to drive 14 hours to St. Simons, GA and back. We also had a zoom call with the owner so there would be no surprises and were completely prepared. Some essentials that were really great on our trip were microwavable meals like oatmeal, easy mac cups, non Blu-Ray DVDs, RV and Marine Toilet Anti-Freeze which you will need if you plan to use the bathroom in freezing temperatures. It can be hard to find, so order in advance.

When we arrived to pick up the RV we took a quick driving lesson and test with the owner. We learned how to properly watch out for overhead clearance, park, back up, get gas and empty the septic. She was also sweet enough to stock the RV with paper plates, cups, bowls and utensils which turned out to be very useful. One thing we didn't have with us which I would bring if we ever went on another RV trip is a dust buster. The sand was hard to keep up with and it would have been very hand, there are outlets on board where you can charge it as well.

Once we started rolling down 95 it felt like we were in our living room on the highway. We turned the generator on which powered the appliances and the DVD player. The kids loved watching movies as we don't have a DVD player in our car so it was a treat to have. We colored, played games, and at dinner all while moving. We stopped once to take a walk in Rocks State Park in Maryland on our way to our first AirBnB in Battleboro, NC. From there it was a quick morning drive to Charleston, SC one of our favorite spots in the South.

Once we made our way to Georgia, we took the RV trip to Jekyll Island and it was a dream to have. There weren't many public bathrooms so we could travel from spot to spot on the island without the worry of trying to find one. It was also nice to have a home base wherever we were, have food in the refrigerator and cold beer.

We travelled about 2500 miles in the RV and never did more than 6.5 hours in a day which worked out because that seemed to be everyone's limit. We used our own car seats for the kids and buckled them in with the seatbelts on the RV. The bathroom never smelled and the kids were able to travel much farther than if we had drove by car. It did not take much longer to travel by RV than by car which was one of my husband's initial worries. We were able to stick to our waze app time predictions pretty steadily.

All in all it was a great trip and we would do it again. We were able to safely travel and say goodbye to our winter blues and get our wanderlust fix in a time of extenuating circumstances. If you have any questions about our trip I would be happy to answer them, just shoot me and email at kateystanley@gmail.com Happy travels and stay safe with Outdoorsy!