S’Mores Saturday

This post is sponsored by Honey Maid Snacks, but all opinions are my own.

The beginning of the Summer is such a sweet time of year, we always kick things off with a family S’mores night.

The entire ritual of lighting the fire, roasting the marshmallow and crunching into the melted chocolate is so quintessential American Summer that everyone has to experience.

I remember the Summer nights making S’mores as a kid with my family and thinking those were the best nights of the year. The neighbors come over to join and everyone bonds over a delicious sticky fingered treat.

The key to the perfect S’mores night is sticking to the classic brands. Only Hershey’s chocolate bars, HoneyMaid graham crackers, and Jet-Puffed Marshmallows will do. You can pick everything up on your next trip to Walmart, your kids will thank you.

My favorite part about a family S’mores night is the smiles. No one seems to escape the night without one and it’s just the best. Let me know if you plan a family S’mores night after readying this, I always love to inspire special family moments!